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Fine Design Solutions for Modular Surface

Fine Design Solutions for Modular Surface

With the development of mold manufacturing technology, the domestic mold industry has already turned to products of middle-to-high grade automobile molds and put forward higher requirements for the manufacturing cycle and quality of molds. And so the mold manufacturing technology is developing with a trend towards elaboration and automation.

In the meantime, since the development cycle of molds becomes shorter and shorter, we must refine the upper and lower modular surface in advance at the design stage so as to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle and improve its quality.

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SV Springback Compensation can make the utmost of analysis and test results, gain high-precision compensation hook face through advanced sheet deformation algorithm, and directly provide digifax for processing.

Advantage: the time for creating compensation digifax has been shortened by 90% or above and the times of mold correction have been reduced from 5 to 2.

SV Concave R Angle (fillet avoidance) can automatically identify and modify fillets by a batch.

Advantage: the time for modifying fillets has been shortened by 85% or above, so this technique can help bench workers reduce grinding errors and improve efficiency and quality of grinding and modification.

SV Gap Design can automatically finish the offset surface and the transitional surface and guarantee that modular surface remains glossy and smooth.

Advantage: the time for producing the transitional surface has been shortened by 90% or above, so this technique can help designers reduce workload and spend more time in technological innovation.



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