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Digital Quality Inspection

Digital Quality Inspection

The Visualization Quality Check Solution,to which HoteamSoft has fully autonomous property rights, is aimed at the quality inspection planning and actual data collection and analysis, and realizes data planning of structured quality inspection, visual guidance on quality inspection measurement, real-time collection of quality inspection data, and customization of extended actual data analysis based on 2D/3D drawings and models. It thoroughly runs through the business process of quality inspection and actual measurement, make the whole process paperless, digital, and visual, improves the enterprise’s efficiency of inspection process and compilation, reduces workload and human errors, and help the enterprise make use of actually measured data and process data in a real-time and efficient manner.




Obtaining quality inspecton tasks: supporting MBD-based (model driving) digital quality inspection and measurement planning business.

Data identification and analysis: conducting data identification and analysis based on 2D/3D drawings and models, automatically selecting inspection elements whose efficiency is ten times higher than that of manual selection.

Visual actual measurement: realizing automatic tolerance matching by analyzing the characteristic dimensions and tolerances with efficiency 20 times higher.

Analysis of actually measured data: eliminating the papers to be filled in, and ensuring the accuracy rate and sampling efficiency of the actually measured data by directly input or connecting the measuring equipment.


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