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Digital Factories in the Process Industry

Digital Factories in the Process Industry

Top-level designs of digital factories:

The planning graph of the top-level design of a digital factory can be mainly divided into three levels and one platform, namely the process control level, the manufacturing executive level, the production management level and one public service platform. According to the enterprise’s current situation, HoteamSoft provides professional public service platform, meet the urgent need based on application, make an integrated plan, and implement it step by step.


Business Application


Based on SOA structure and many years’ practice and accumulation in the field of enterprise application integration, HoteamSoft works out a set of intelligent manufacturing collaboration platform that has perfect functions and operates efficiently and stably. In virtue of many years’ business experience and technological advantages, HoteamSoft can support petrochemical enterprises in their business application such as asset lifecycle management, dynamic and static data display, field operation, Handheld Factory, training and testing, and video surveillance.


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