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Three-dimensional CAD/CAM Software

Tree-dimensional CAD/CAM Software

SINOVATION is the three-dimensional CAD/CAM software that possesses an independent copyright and presents the most advanced design and manufacturing level over the world. It’s easy to learn and apply it. It has such functions as hybrid modeling, parametrization design, direct modeling, and feature modeling as well as the dynamic navigation techniques for product designs. It offers various professional technologies such as CAM processing technology, designs for stamping molds and injection molds, design and processing for evanescent molds, laser cutting control techniques. Besides, it also provides product manufacturing information (PMI) and 3D digifax lightweight browsers that can closely integrate with the management software such as PDM, CAPP, and MPM.


Advantages of the product

The software of SINOVATION includes the design and manufacturing technologies and experience of international advanced manufacturing enterprises.compared with similar software, it pays most attention to engineering design in detail.

The data-format conversion tool passing industrial validation can help the enterprise reduce unnecessary investment.

The lightweight exchange format that has high compression rate and high fidelity can be beneficial to expanding three-dimensional application.

It possesses all source codes of CAD/CAM software and can customize specified and efficient manufacturing platform for users.

Based on SINOVATION, we can provide enterprises with integrated design and development environment and help them realize tight integration of product data as well as process management.

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